Mexican Scholarships for international students.

Professionals from more than 180 nations are invited to participate to be part of the 2018 Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) are calling international professionals to start master or postgraduate degree programs by the hand of more than 90 Mexican higher education institutions with programs that had left advances in different areas such sciences and humanities.

Foreigners are needed to count with a bachelor, master or postgraduate degree; excellent grades; and to be accepted at one of the many degree programs at one of the 90 Mexican higher education institutions. Mexico is following the example of countries like Australia on betting on education by offering international scholarships to develop their nation, this is the best way to get highly-skilled human capital and create strong relationships with other nations.

If the students wants to earn the student grant must apply before 28th September. Academic activities are going to start on 1st March or 5th December 2018, depending on the program selected by the student. To apply, students must send their documents to the Mexican embassy placed on their country.

The documents are: the form with a photo of the candidate; a letter explaining why the student wants to participate on the program; his/her CV explaining his/her participation on degree programs, and others documents. All of these papers must be delivered in Spanish, if don’t then attach them with a copy in Spanish.

The juror prefer participants that hadn’t been prized with a Mexican scholarship before; students that choose a theme or topic to study that would leave a relevant impact on their home nation (educational, energetic, environmental) and that isn’t taught on their nation; if the applicant is a researcher or professor of a university, or a public worker.

International students interested on participating on this program, check this link and good luck. An important thing to show on the motivational letter is the relation between degrees, researches and the program that is selected; it is essential to show passion when talking about it.

Winners will gain a monthly student grant from approx. $500 to $660 depending on the program; enrollment fees, visa fees, and plane tickets to travel to Mexico.

Mexico isn’t afraid on betting on young leaders’ education, this is an example of what all nations should be doing: motivate their people to get excellent grades so they can gain benefits on getting student grants like this one.

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