Win a free scholarship to get an Associate Degree in Health Science.

Education is not a luxury, it is a right. With this motto UoPeople was created as the first online university with free-tuitions degrees. This online university offer a variety of educational grants so students from different nations can start working on themselves.

Getting an Associate Degree in Health Science is a reachable dream with the help of internet, this is the best option for those excited students looking for a degree related to medicine or public health policy. This online college course will let its students to earn knowledge about international trends in public health policy so they will use them when working as patient service representatives, health information technicians, medical assistants, pharmacy assistants and more.

The Henry Schein Scholarship Fund was created to continue contributing on students’ future by covering to 10 exam processing fees so they are aimed to complete their studies! Once students have been admitted to this UoPeople, they can apply for this scholarship.

The educational grants offered by this fund are to be used for paying those 10 exam processing fees, this fund is going to be payed directly to UoPeople by the name of the participant. It’s important to keep in mind that having good grades at the online classes is important to maintain this scholarship, if for some reason the student isn’t able to continue with this degree he/she must report it to the online university about the situation. If he/she returns and is still wanting to use educational grants offered by this fund, is necessary to re-apply.

Online classes are the perfect option for those who are willing to keep studying for a bachelor’s degree while working as health information technologists, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians or surgical technologists. The Associate of Science in Health Science will help students to understand social and biological causes of illness, public health theories. This online college university will help its students to earn skills to be used to work with patients, doctors and the community, they are going to be able to help this society on preventing diseases so they can improve its lifestyle.

Most of degree programs at UoPeople cost around $4000, but, the Henry Schein Scholarship Fund makes it easier for everyone. All you need to do it’s to complete your application to UoPeople and when applying to the scholarship you have to also complete a form. One of the things they ask you to be part of this critical-thinking house it’s to show them your English level with a TOEFL exam, which, they are capable of cover if you are worth it to.

Be part of this amazing movement, achieve your dream with this scholarship program.

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