$11,500 Swiss Scholarship to outstanding students to get a master degree.

The Scholarship program ETH Zurich is designed for those who are desiring to study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, helping the best students to achieve their dream getting their master degree.

There are two types of master degree scholarships, one of them are monthly students grants to pay tuition fees and personal expenses; the second one, ESOP, it’s a program for the best students in which they receive money for school for a while. This money is expected to cover tuition fees and personal expenses while getting the degree.

EYH Zurich is aiming outstanding students who are desiring to get a master degree with this scholarship program, it does not matter where they got their bachelor degree as long they got excellent results. To apply, students need to send a motivation letter, a proposal for the thesis and letter of recommendation from two professors. All this information must be real, and the proposal for the thesis has to be developed by the student using established scientific citation practice.

The ESOP Scholarship money is about $11,500 per semester for student grants, in addition they will also give tuition fee waiver to the winner. The Master Scholarship is about $6,500 per semester and money to pay for school. All this money is going to be pays once the student start his/her master program.

Switzerland is not only a nation knew through its landscapes, chocolate or famous bank; people also talk about the amazing education opportunity this nation offers, especially at this institute.

This opportunity is huge for those who are desiring to pursue a career with a plus: an international degree. The institution has many areas where students can grow as professionals, from Architecture and Civil Engineering (including geomatics and environmental engineering), Engineering (including biotechnology, computer science, energy science, robotics, system and control), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biology, Chemistry), System-oriented natural sciences and Management, Humanities and Social sciences.

If you are sure you have all requirements to be part of this amazing project, start applying and make sure you build yourself a tremendous and brilliant professional career at ETH Zurich. Start thinking about what do you want your thesis to be about and apply for this $11,500 scholarship.

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