Completely free master programs at Chile.

Chile is now offering Scholarships opportunities for those who are interested on enrolling themselves in a master program at this nation. This program is for international students from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republicand many others..

This Scholarship program covers tuition fees, monthly grants, life insurance and materials. The application is until October 31st. To participate is necessary to send a thesis theme, a motivational letter explaining why they want to study in Chile, the acceptance letter from the university, CV and other documents.

The main objective this program has is to contribute to higher education through their Scholarship program AGCI for Latin-Americans students. Masters programs must start between March and September 2018 and must last 24 months if the student wants his/her education to be covered by this program.

It is important to say that the monthly grant offered is about $750 per student so it can be spend it on personal expenses. Also, they will be giving each student $140 so they can buy their texts, books and other materials needed to complete their master program. The student must maintain an academic record of 5.5 .

Masters programs are from different programs: psychology, public health, information technology, urbanism, finances, law, sciences, administration, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, ecology, economy, health system, leaderships and education management, public policies and many others. To check them, click on the previous link and look for your speciality.

After students are being selected, they will be receiving a notification from the Scholarship program and they will be able to start their master program at Chile.

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