Scholarship program to study English at the US.

University of Florida is now interested on international students, they are offering scholarship programs where they can study English at the US! This program is perfect for those who are craving to learn English language at the US, with a brand-new program that offers a unique experience. Consider this an alternative if in you see yourself getting a bachelor or masters online degree in an English speaker nation.

This university wants to motivate international students to achieve their dreams! More than 150 nations are part of this project by sending their students to these program so they can get a high-quality education. You have until September 15th to apply for a 50% free scholarship.

The English Language institute the university has is perfect to make you to set yourself bigger goals by learning another language as you were a native! It will make you a leader, a sensitive person and someone who will see beyond the walls. Being part of this program is pretty easy, first you need to complete the Squore challenge and then, everything that comes next is easier.

By learning a new language you are not only going to be able to speak it, you are going to be able to understand the culture on a complete nation by knowing its local idioms; you will gain more professional and academic opportunities.

Also, studying a language at its own environment will let you grow as a person, helping you to know more about yourself and where you can do by only learning how to say words, write letter and watching tv show without subtitles.

University of Florida wants you to be part of it! Who knows? You may be studying for an online degree program next year and this course may had help you a lot.

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