Penn State Scholarship for Online MBA– Merit-Based

Online education is gaining momentum together with accredited online universities. Top-tier schools now understand the power and advantages of online education. To increase acceptance to prospective students, these schools include their programs for accreditation. Accredited schools online are more credible because despite the delivery is substantially done through the internet there are assurances that the quality is intact. Accredited schools online aims to offer online programs with the same credibility, value, and caliber of that of the traditional programs. Having accredited schools online offer top-tier online MBA programs increases awareness of the beauty of the concept among prospective students. For that matter, prospective MBA students are presumed to be very busy business professionals. Time and costs has always been the obstacles. Accredited online universities provide the answer. They allow the students to experience learning in a new way while dealing with the problems of time and costs. Penn State is among the AACSB-accredited. Its MBA program is accredited by-itself also. Penn State is among the accredited online universities that offer credible and high quality online programs. The program is well-rounded dealing with everything there is to handle for business. The online MBA emphasizes analysis and application as primary medium of learning. This online MBA have a five-day residency to be held at University Park, Pennsylvania. It allows the student to experience learning and creditable immersion sessions. Enrolling in a distance learning degree allows you to complete the program while you continue working. It allows you to earn MBA with minimal costs since you will not be incurring the usual costs such as transportation, allowances, and relocation. The most exciting part of distance learning degree is it allows you to immediately apply all the learnings. Since you are not leaving the “battlefield”, you might as well find application to what you learn. Actually, many distance learning programs emphasize this advantage.

The scholarship is merits-based. Hence, before they will assess academic strengths, the students should comply with the basic requirements. The students should hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited higher education. For this requirement, a copy of academic transcript is required. You must indicate your GPA and your GMAT or GRE scores. The latter tests are required to assess the quantitative and analytical skills of the prospective students since the program is rigorous. It may be waived for holders of doctoral degrees and those who earned advanced professional degrees and/or progressive work experience. All international students are required to take the TOEFL or the IELTS. The students are also required to submit references. The students should submit a 600-word essay. This essay should highlight the distinction of the students from the rest. The student should have a laptop since software will be used to deliver the materials.

After the students complied with the basic requirements. Merit-based scholarships are available for students who exhibit achievements from their personal, professional, and academic endeavors. All students accepted for the program are automatically considered for the merit-based scholarships. If the students desire to be selected for this scholarship program, the students should submit ahead of time.

For general questions, contact:

World Campus Admissions Counselors

Phone: 814-863-5386

For questions about the program or your submitted application, contact:

Stacey Dorang Peeler

Managing Director, Penn State Online MBA

The Smeal College of Business

Phone: 814-865-7338

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