Scholarship program to study English at the US.

University of Florida is now interested on international students, they are offering scholarship programs where they can study English at the US! This program is perfect for those who are craving to learn English language at the US, with a brand-new program that offers a unique experience. Consider this an alternative if in you see yourself getting a bachelor or masters online degree in an English speaker nation.

This university wants to motivate international students to achieve their dreams! More than 150 nations are part of this project by sending their students to these program so they can get a high-quality education. You have until September 15th to apply for a 50% free scholarship.

The English Language institute the university has is perfect to make you to set yourself bigger goals by learning another language as you were a native! It will make you a leader, a sensitive person and someone who will see beyond the walls. Being part of this program is pretty easy, first you need to complete the Squore challenge and then, everything that comes next is easier.

By learning a new language you are not only going to be able to speak it, you are going to be able to understand the culture on a complete nation by knowing its local idioms; you will gain more professional and academic opportunities.

Also, studying a language at its own environment will let you grow as a person, helping you to know more about yourself and where you can do by only learning how to say words, write letter and watching tv show without subtitles.

University of Florida wants you to be part of it! Who knows? You may be studying for an online degree program next year and this course may had help you a lot.

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Be part of this 50% free Online course with this Scholarship program.

The Green Climate Fund, a NGO founded in 2003 is part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Nowadays, this NGO is allied with the ASO to aim virtual students to be part of an online course related to environment and climate change.

To be part of this course scholarship is necessary to be a citizen of an ASO nation, have a degree and be able to speak perfectly Spanish before September 4th. This two-month course costs from $698 – $980 depending on which level the student wants to be part of. The Scholarship will cover 50% of course fees.

The Green Climate Fund is a leader NGO when we talk about online education, it has 13 years of experience. Each course taught by this NGO has a complete and demanding program where its students are not only going to learn but also, will be capable of using those knowledges on their work field.

They are giving to 30 students to be part of this course, besides being an ASO citizen is also important to send her/his ID, academic record, two letter of recommendations, CV and 2 essays. Each essay must have no more than 500 letters and it is important to mention how her/his home nation would gain any benefit if the person is selected to be part of the program; what is this persons going to do with the help of the scholarship on his/her work field.

If you feel you can be part of this project, apply. This is the perfect opportunity for environmental engineers and others professionals with careers related to this course. Must online courses are really expensive but with this scholarship you will be paying only the half of it!

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$11,500 Swiss Scholarship to outstanding students to get a master degree.

The Scholarship program ETH Zurich is designed for those who are desiring to study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, helping the best students to achieve their dream getting their master degree.

There are two types of master degree scholarships, one of them are monthly students grants to pay tuition fees and personal expenses; the second one, ESOP, it’s a program for the best students in which they receive money for school for a while. This money is expected to cover tuition fees and personal expenses while getting the degree.

EYH Zurich is aiming outstanding students who are desiring to get a master degree with this scholarship program, it does not matter where they got their bachelor degree as long they got excellent results. To apply, students need to send a motivation letter, a proposal for the thesis and letter of recommendation from two professors. All this information must be real, and the proposal for the thesis has to be developed by the student using established scientific citation practice.

The ESOP Scholarship money is about $11,500 per semester for student grants, in addition they will also give tuition fee waiver to the winner. The Master Scholarship is about $6,500 per semester and money to pay for school. All this money is going to be pays once the student start his/her master program.

Switzerland is not only a nation knew through its landscapes, chocolate or famous bank; people also talk about the amazing education opportunity this nation offers, especially at this institute.

This opportunity is huge for those who are desiring to pursue a career with a plus: an international degree. The institution has many areas where students can grow as professionals, from Architecture and Civil Engineering (including geomatics and environmental engineering), Engineering (including biotechnology, computer science, energy science, robotics, system and control), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biology, Chemistry), System-oriented natural sciences and Management, Humanities and Social sciences.

If you are sure you have all requirements to be part of this amazing project, start applying and make sure you build yourself a tremendous and brilliant professional career at ETH Zurich. Start thinking about what do you want your thesis to be about and apply for this $11,500 scholarship.

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Win a free scholarship to get an Associate Degree in Health Science.

Education is not a luxury, it is a right. With this motto UoPeople was created as the first online university with free-tuitions degrees. This online university offer a variety of educational grants so students from different nations can start working on themselves.

Getting an Associate Degree in Health Science is a reachable dream with the help of internet, this is the best option for those excited students looking for a degree related to medicine or public health policy. This online college course will let its students to earn knowledge about international trends in public health policy so they will use them when working as patient service representatives, health information technicians, medical assistants, pharmacy assistants and more.

The Henry Schein Scholarship Fund was created to continue contributing on students’ future by covering to 10 exam processing fees so they are aimed to complete their studies! Once students have been admitted to this UoPeople, they can apply for this scholarship.

The educational grants offered by this fund are to be used for paying those 10 exam processing fees, this fund is going to be payed directly to UoPeople by the name of the participant. It’s important to keep in mind that having good grades at the online classes is important to maintain this scholarship, if for some reason the student isn’t able to continue with this degree he/she must report it to the online university about the situation. If he/she returns and is still wanting to use educational grants offered by this fund, is necessary to re-apply.

Online classes are the perfect option for those who are willing to keep studying for a bachelor’s degree while working as health information technologists, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians or surgical technologists. The Associate of Science in Health Science will help students to understand social and biological causes of illness, public health theories. This online college university will help its students to earn skills to be used to work with patients, doctors and the community, they are going to be able to help this society on preventing diseases so they can improve its lifestyle.

Most of degree programs at UoPeople cost around $4000, but, the Henry Schein Scholarship Fund makes it easier for everyone. All you need to do it’s to complete your application to UoPeople and when applying to the scholarship you have to also complete a form. One of the things they ask you to be part of this critical-thinking house it’s to show them your English level with a TOEFL exam, which, they are capable of cover if you are worth it to.

Be part of this amazing movement, achieve your dream with this scholarship program.

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Mexican Scholarships for international students.

Professionals from more than 180 nations are invited to participate to be part of the 2018 Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) are calling international professionals to start master or postgraduate degree programs by the hand of more than 90 Mexican higher education institutions with programs that had left advances in different areas such sciences and humanities.

Foreigners are needed to count with a bachelor, master or postgraduate degree; excellent grades; and to be accepted at one of the many degree programs at one of the 90 Mexican higher education institutions. Mexico is following the example of countries like Australia on betting on education by offering international scholarships to develop their nation, this is the best way to get highly-skilled human capital and create strong relationships with other nations.

If the students wants to earn the student grant must apply before 28th September. Academic activities are going to start on 1st March or 5th December 2018, depending on the program selected by the student. To apply, students must send their documents to the Mexican embassy placed on their country.

The documents are: the form with a photo of the candidate; a letter explaining why the student wants to participate on the program; his/her CV explaining his/her participation on degree programs, and others documents. All of these papers must be delivered in Spanish, if don’t then attach them with a copy in Spanish.

The juror prefer participants that hadn’t been prized with a Mexican scholarship before; students that choose a theme or topic to study that would leave a relevant impact on their home nation (educational, energetic, environmental) and that isn’t taught on their nation; if the applicant is a researcher or professor of a university, or a public worker.

International students interested on participating on this program, check this link and good luck. An important thing to show on the motivational letter is the relation between degrees, researches and the program that is selected; it is essential to show passion when talking about it.

Winners will gain a monthly student grant from approx. $500 to $660 depending on the program; enrollment fees, visa fees, and plane tickets to travel to Mexico.

Mexico isn’t afraid on betting on young leaders’ education, this is an example of what all nations should be doing: motivate their people to get excellent grades so they can gain benefits on getting student grants like this one.

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